Saturday, October 6, 2012

A day at the fair!

So, the Carolina Heritage Fair was this weekend. My mom took the kids last year and they had such a good time, I was really looking forward to taking them this year. It bills itself as an old time county fair, and it is, in a good way. Yes, you spend money, but there is so many neat thing to do that are just different, or at least to this city family!

Look at this HUGE combine!
Kids can show pigs?  Who knew?
Baby Piggies...errr...Piglets, so cute!
The big hit was gem mining.  The kids got lots of very pretty stones which they look at and played with the rest of the day.
We all got to pet a sweet horse named Missy.
James and John loved the magic show, but I didn't think it was as funny.

We got the unlimited ride bracelet and their favorite "ride" was the Haunted House.  It was really really dark, but not all that scary.
I got all three boys in the picture!
Slide races.
More haunted house.
They rode in a dragon's belly!
The dragon roller coaster!
So fun!


Andee said...

Looks like so much fun!

Juliet said...

Thanks so much, Miss Kerri! John had a great time. He was all smiles when we asked him about it.
And of course the ninja sword is a hit!