Saturday, November 17, 2012


Mark and I have been married for 12 years and it is true, you kind of go in cycles with other people in your age group.  After collage, you go to a bunch of weddings, then everyone buys a house, then kids, and one thing I have noticed, is that a lot of my friends have had their pet die recent.  Yes, it is very sad.  I wanted to have a post about our pet while things were still good.  Our cat, Gilbert is 14 years old.  My dad got him for me when I was in grad school.  He is named for Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables.  After Mark and I were married, my parents brought him to live with us permanently and he has been our fur baby ever since.

To be honest, when the kids were really little, Gilbert did not enjoy the same life he did before.  At the end of the day, I was so overstimulated with kids wanting to talk to me or touch me, I didn't even want Gilbert to sit on my lap.  That started to change when Andy was 3, and now the 5 of us live together pretty well.

I think when I just couldn't deal with Gilbert, Mark really picked up a lot of the slack.  They share a special bond of the two who really miss the quiet and the order of the pre-kid life.  I mean, I miss it to, but Gilbert and Mark REALLY miss it.

Andy and Gilbert also have a special bond.  James really doesn't trust the cat (and vice versa I'm sure), but Andy really loves him.  (and vice versa)

One issue we have had in SC is fleas.  Gilbert had fleas and therefore, me and usually Andy also had fleas.  We would always give Gilbert Frontline and I never understood why we kept having issues.  This picture was taken after we gave Gilbert Capstar, which made him CRAZY, which was also funny.  You can kind of see his crazy eyes here.

Just as an aside, I was looking for one more flea dose before the weather got cold and they were OUT of frontline.  I tried Vectra instead and literally within 5 minutes of applying, dead fleas were falling off my cat.  We now use Vectra.

Gilbert is usually right there in our family life, especially when it involves food.  If you get up for any reason, Gilbert will worm is way into your spot.  A common phrase in our house is "you move, you lose!"

Gilbert has definitely gotten older and it is hard to watch.  Gilbert used to be very strong and liked things his way.  Pitty the cat who tried to get in between him and his food!  Unfortuately, that is no longer the case.  Gilbert lets these neighbor cats on his turf, eat his food, poop in his garden, well you get the picture.  Here is one of the most offensive, muffin from the yard behind us.  You can see Gilbert in the leaves just sleeping.

In many ways things are different, but Mark and I are watching football with Gilbert curled between us.  One thing that will always be true...don't touch the white!