Thursday, August 28, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ethics 101

So, I had an interesting week.

I had starting talking to someone who worked at a private, religious institution about using my past experience for a part time job with them. Everything seemed to be going well and I was asked to fill out an application. The last two pages of this application was a statement of the beliefs followed by this company and yes or no questions about my beliefs. The application then went on to ask about other aspects of my life...being financially responsible, participating in meaningful activities in moderation, not smoking, and not drinking alcohol.

That's right, in order to work here, I was not allowed to drink.

I did speak to another employee about this policy. They told me how some people interpret this rule and are able to get around it, but in my mind, the spirit of this statement was drinking was bad. I respectfully declined to pursue this further.

Now I feel kind of weird about this whole thing. Really, it isn't the whole not drinking thing that I have a problem with, but it is more that I don't think drinking (in moderation) is bad. If they had asked me to give up fast food, well, yeah, I may do that. But this position was in no way my dream job, and I am pretty sure it wouldn't have been all that lucrative. Yeah, maybe I would have signed this form for six figures. It doesn't really bother me that I had to turn it down. Still, I wonder if I was a little hasty. Maybe I should have tried it out and see how I felt about bending the rules. So, I thought I would pose this question to the blog world. Any thoughts?

I wish I knew how to post a poll.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

10 weeks


Andy is 10 weeks old this week. Why is that an important milestone? Well, it is because when James was 10 weeks old, we moved to South Carolina. Wierd, huh?

In celebration of this milestone, here are some comparing and contrasting pictures:

James at around 10 weeks, right before we moved.



Andy. These were taken this week.



At their 2 month appointment, both James and Andy weighed and measured pretty much the same...although Andy did have about a pound and a half head start. I took out the 6-9 month clothes from the attic today. My baby is growing!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Adventures at Table Rock

The weather has been so nice lately it was the perfect excuse to take the boys to the state park for some fun. We found a nice little pool to play in.


It seemed like it would be cold, but James didn't think so.


Neither did Keets.


John being carried by Mark.


Me and Andy. Isn't Andy so cute!


All the boys.


I think Ms. J is ready for baby#2!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We weren't planning on going on a vacation this summer because of the whole "new baby" thing, but my parents were going and had lots of extra room. We decided to pack up the kids and head to the coast.

James was so excited! We had just got the the condo and when he saw the view, he wanted to get out there immediately.


He apparently had gotten over his fear of water. He ran right into the ocean. And then fell down. Yes, those are dora swim diapers if you were wondering.


James and Gramma enjoyed the early morning on the balcony with their juice and tea.


Of course, when you are at the beach, you have to dig in the sand.


Even Andy enjoyed laying out and relaxing.


The only bad thing was that James figured out how to climb/dive over the side of the play pen. He didn't nap for 4 days!