Monday, February 25, 2008

Go Lady Tigers!


Yesterday, James and I went to the Lady Tiger's basketball game. It cost $8 for me and James was free. We could sit wherever we wanted and they didn't check my bag for so I was able to smuggle "Toddler snacks" in. When we first got there James was just quiet and taking it all in.


I did have to wake him up from his nap and he might have still been sleepy. We got there right as the kick off was happening. Sorry, I mean the tip off. We got pompoms and James had a love/hate relationship with his.


We also saw James's BFF John. I am not going to lie, they were playing a little kissy face, but Mark won't let me post it. At least John puckers, from James, you only get open mouth (and slobbery) kisses.


At halftime, the rallcats performed. Apparently they are ranked #6 in the country. Um, ok. But James was in awe. Not only were there a bunch of pretty girls, I think he realized he had a lot to learn about dancing.

Hey, the video worked!

dancing at game

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dog Walker

I think James wants a dog. Too bad his dad (and his Opa) HATES dogs (thanks neighbor). So, James has to be content with walking his BFF's dog, Keets.


James takes his job very seriously.


Oh, and I just thought this picture of him brushing his teeth was super cute.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

James's New Favorite Song

Alright, lets see if this video works...

Guess not, well, try this link.

I would embed with youtube, but I am apparently too old for an account.

Anyways, James's new favorite song is that Clemson kickoff song. Oh wait, no, it is the song used by EVERY school for EVERY sport in the country. He likes to dance to it, but he really likes to sing it when he is bored or half paying attention to something else. It is really cute.

Here is one of him singing.